India China Series (Part 2) How did the relationship develop? LAC, life of soldier, our future..

In this second part, we have two special guests – Former Colonel Dinny from the Indian Army who commanded a battalion at Pangong Tso and Former Commander Jagannath from the Indian Navy. We cover the following topics:

  • How did our relationship develop?
  • What is China’s mindset and how is it different from India?
  • What barriers prevented our countries to grow close to each other?
  • How are we similar and how are we different?
  • What is LAC. How is it different from LoC?
  • What is the life of a soldier at the border look like?
  • How do we manage border conflicts today?
  • What does this mean going forward between India and China?

India China Series (Part 1): What can we learn from China’s history?

In this video, we cover the following topics:

  • How did independent India and China view each other and how that hurt India in 1962?
  • Why did communist China move away from communist USSR?
  • How did the secret Kissinger meeting change the fate of China and Taiwan?
  • How the world misread China?