Bala Girisaballa

Indian History & Culture

Lesser known or ignored stories, personalities and pivotal events that shape who we are.

Indian history and culture is ancient, rich and diverse. Unfortunately the way it is taught and discussed today, we end up focusing on a very small part of it and ignore large periods and regions.

For example, even though there are many dynasties that ruled for over 500 years in southern India, it hardly gets any mention. India was also a colonial empire at one time - and we hardly know much about it.

The focus of this blog and videos is to shine light on such topics, pivotal events, and interesting personalities so that we truly understand our heritage, and identity of who we are, where we came from, and hence gives a peek into what shapes our future.

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Hi, I’m Bala Girisaballa.

Hi, Thanks for visiting. Among other things, I write on Indian history and culture, science, business, entrepreneurship and life. I am working on being regular (arrggh..). Please browse through the posts, view the videos and send me your comments, feedback and suggestions.

When we all care..

We can make magic happen. If you are interested in helping, these are some foundations that need your help. Learn about them below and it’d be great if you can support in any way.

BMI Foundation

BMI Foundation is helping provide assisted living for adults with Autism.

Parents worry about their child’s future. This concern is a thousand times greater when the child has special needs. Nothing in life has prepared parents for such perplexing moments. What after me? This question is a part of special parents thoughts in all their living moments. Will my child be safe? Will he be happy? Will he be a valuable member of the community? BMI Foundation a Non-government Not-for-profit-charitable Trust is trying to address this concern through Paripri, our assisted living community for adults with autism.

Soham Academy of Human Excellence

Soham Academy of Human Excellence:

India’s schools are teeming with children with very high energy levels. Typically schools try to contain the energy levels of children with a routine that eventually stunt their raw talent.

We know from experience that there are very few schools that are equipped to give well integrated life experiences to children. It is our mission to complement the efforts of the schools in doing what they are unable to do and in teaching what they are not equipped to teach.